Keep you kitchen and bathroom as clean and dry as you can

With some efforts, you can keep your house completely free from the intruders. And here the golden rule is: keep you kitchen and bathroom as clean and dry as you can. Donít forget to wash the cabinets and appliances regularly. Also pay attention to your yard: remove all the woodpiles and trashcans from it.

Cockroaches tend to reside in the places like that, and from there they can easily move to your home. Use a dehumidifier in your house: the less humid the house is, the less attractive for the pests it is. Place screens on your windows and donít keep the door of the house opened for a long time.

If it is too hot and you feel that you will not survive with the door closed, use a screen for it, too. With all these measures taken properly your house will be free from the cockroaches. And if the German roaches still find a way to move in with you, just follow the instructions below Ė and your house will soon be free.

How long does it take to get rid of roaches? For heavy infestation you may need up to eight weeks, but in most cases a satisfactory result will be achieved in two weeks.

Step 1: Leave Them Hungry First of all, eliminate the food sources for the roaches. Remember that many things which are garbage for you are delicacies for them. So to leave these guys hungry you should: Clean all the kitchen appliances thoroughly. The food remnants and spills in and around your microwave, toaster, fridge and other devices may provide the cockroaches with food for months. Clean the kitchen cabinets.

Even if they seem to be ďalmost cleanĒ, they are sure to contain crumbs and food spills, which provide a perfect source of food for the pests. Consume food only in one room. Taking food around the house you will never avoid tiny spills and crumbs. And the roaches will not fail to use this benefit! Vacuum the floors every evening. It will contribute to overall sanitation. And cockroaches are active at night, so it is better if they donít find any snacks at that time. Empty pet food containers in the evening and refill them in the morning. Take the rubbish out every evening. Keep all the food in tight or sealed packs if you want to protect it from invasion, and try to buy food every day in small amounts not to keep it in the house overnight.

Step 2: Dry Everything Eliminate humidity in your houseThe next thing to do is to eliminate humidity in your house. Of course, you canít stop to use water at all. But there are some ways to make your house much drier: Fix and replace all leaky and sweating pipes. Before going to bed dry all the sinks, bathtubs and showers with paper towels. Take wet towels out regularly together with another rubbish. Dry pet water dishes in the evening and refill them in the morning.

Step 3: How to Get Rid of Roaches Forever Ė Provide Them no Shelter! And to leave these pests without proper dwelling fix as many cracks and wall voids as you can with a caulking gun. Becoming rough-sleepers definitely will not do the roaches any good. You should also take measures to avoid further invasions into your house. Clean the outside areas near your house to the extent possible and make sure that all the windows and doors fit tightly within their frames and have no cracks.

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